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Tasmanian photography book

by Paul Fleming

"Paul conveys both the inextricable bond we have with our planet and our insignificance in Earth's grandeur"

Bob Brown

"I absolutely applaud you for the brilliance of the book PAUSE.

Your photography exquisite, your words expressive.

The quality of the book from cover to cover is top class.

It enhanced your works of art.

[PAUSE] spoke to my head and heart - a timely message for me but.....for anyone who dares to
PAUSE for a moment; the valuable serenity awaits"

Susan V

"Wonderful, a book to savour. Photos deserve slow looking, letting the words roll around in the back of the mind"

Art V

"'PAUSE' gives you front row seats to the changing beauty and moods that Tassie  has to offer, brilliantly captured and described by Paul. 

If you've ever been to Tasmania and been star struck by its beauty, you would love this book"

Harry B

"An outstanding book from cover to cover!

Beautiful, an understatement, excellent quality"

Susan S

"Wonderful array of Tasmanian images, and words inspired by our beautiful island"

Brodie E

"Emotive, moving and certainly captured me""

Liza-Jane S

PAUSE: A Collection of Tasmanian Moments - the story

PAUSE is a compilation of my images from around Tasmania, Australia's island state.

Each image has inspired a moment of prose; a short story that draws you in through emotive, transportive and creative storytelling.

I’ve been told my passion for Tasmania is infectious. I’m fairly confident that’s a compliment.


PAUSE is my first significant venture in taking my work ‘offline’ and into the physical world, after years of enjoyment sharing my passion for Tasmania via social media and travel stories. It’s a giant leap, but one I am excited for. Plus, I can’t remember the last time I actually printed a photo, despite there being many thousands on my computer.


The book represents some of my favourite images from around the island; though this is not a traditional landscape photography book. My style is simple, positive and accessible, focusing on those stunning views, vistas and experiences most people could also find themselves enjoying; amazing moments that may require only a short walk, a scenic drive or the ability to function before the sun rises.


Why the name, PAUSE?


Because when we find ourselves in a beautiful place, perhaps under a magical sky, we need to slow down; take a deep breath and be aware of our surroundings - in other words, press pause on our busy lives, and just enjoy – and be – in the moment.


A piece of prose accompanies the images, evoking a feeling, emotion or imagined experience borne of that moment. There is no order, no plan that a reader of the book must follow; PAUSE is best enjoyed as a moment of peace and calm, an escape from a busy day.


This book is also a huge step for me personally – I’m sharing with you a side of me that people haven’t been able to connect with previously.


Does that scare me? You bet! But the excitement of setting part of myself free is far stronger, and a journey worth embarking on.


PAUSE represents times where I have been able to take my own advice to try and just ‘be’ in the moment.


You can find time to do this too – there’s nothing special or unique to learn; it is simply feeling what is happening around you. Whether you climb a mountain to watch the sun rise or curl up in your favourite chair with a cup of tea and a well-loved book, the premise is the same – making the time to do something for yourself, without guilt or haste, and allowing your soul to be recharged and your heart to be warmed.


Where will you find your own PAUSE moments?

Paul Fleming


Words and photographs by Paul Fleming

Foreword by Bob Brown

Edited by Alice Hansen and Jennifer Ennion


Full colour, hard back, 80 pages, 8.5in x 11in.

ISBN: 978-0-9953574-0-2

This project was assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts

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