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Paul Fleming meets Dr Chris Brown on The Living Room

Taking a leap outside my comfort zone of being behind the lens, I recently had the pleasure of making an appearance on Channel 10's The Living Room alongside one of the shows' hosts, Dr Chris Brown.

Perhaps better known as the Bondi Vet and the host of a bunch of TV shows, Dr Chris Brown is an avid - and talented - photographer. With a keen interest in landscape and wildlife photography, Tasmania was the perfect place for Chris to visit.

With the stunning Cradle Mountain in winter as our backdrop, I issued Chris with a challenge to get three photos in one day that capture the area in his own way - using my own images as inspiration.

The weather wasn't ideal, but I have to say that Chris did incredibly well. He got a unique shot of the old boatshed - by wading out into the freezing and snow-ringed Dove Lake - and found an adorable little wombat with a moustache made of snow. His wildcard shot was one-of-a-kind, with a rainbow appearing in the spray off Pencil Pine Falls!

Chris has shared his shots on The Living Room Facebook page and his own Instagram.

This was a new experience for me, and I was unsure if I could follow through with it; I was nervous and anxious but the crew from WTFN and Chris helped me feel at ease very quickly.

The episode (S8, EP24) aired on Friday 6 September 2019 and was broadcast nationally across Australia. You can watch Paul Fleming on The Living Room with Dr Chris Brown now on the 10 Play app or online. 

Paul Fleming The Living Room Dr Chris Br
Paul Fleming and Dr Chris Brown The Livi
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