Forget 2020, start planning now for 2021!


Start marking down things to look forward to now; birthdays, events (remember those!), special occasions and trips away on this handy 2021 calendar of stunning Tasmanian images

My calendars of Tassie photography are highly anticipated each year, so this year I've got them out early so you don’t miss out. Missing out is so 2020.


Featuring photographs from all corners of the state, from Stanley to Hobart to Bay of Fires to the South West wilderness - it’s all here. 


The 2021 calendar is A4 size folded, and hangs A3, and the day boxes are big enough to cram in anything you can think of. 


Are you getting more than one calendar? Australia post classes one calendar as a 'large letter'; though two or more becomes a parcel - and the price shoots up. If you're after more than one, here are the economical options:


  1. If you're just after a couple, put them through as single orders, or,
  2. Send me a message and you can pay (via direct deposit) the single rate per each calendar you get (that's just $5 per calendar).

Tasmania 2021 Calendar